What is Workday People experience powered by machine learning?

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Having a HR system isn’t the end of the digitalization or else the end of your business strategy. There are many HR systems implemented but nobody engage with the system unless they recieve a leave approval notification or until when it’s time to apply next vacation time off. Well, that experience needs to be changed forever because HRIS is all about employee experience. With that said, Workday has reimagined the way its users explore their system. If you are new to Workday system, then Workday is a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud HCM Suites, 2022.

As part of delivering higher user engagement, Workday now offers every employee a unique experience, so that organizations can retain top talent and reduce turnover and absenteeism. Following the article will be the new features that it offers with a world class user experience. They called it “People Experience (PEX)”. According to Workday, it create connection, allowed to access from anywhere, and surface meaningful insights to all users. Further, customers can measure the value addition by People Experience using four factors. They are, Technology simplification, process efficiency, employee engagement, and business effectiveness.

Personalized content

Workday’s new homepage uses machine learning to emerge relevant information when employee need it. It provides users with,

  • Curated recommendations
  • Suggested learning
  • Personalised career guidance

Work is more personal and productive!

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Workday Assistant

Every user has a different preference when it comes to search. With People Experience, users can configure the order of search categories and results based on their preferences. In addition, Workday search now has a ‘saved’ and a ‘more’ sections for further configuration.

Workday Assistant is a chatbot, where it allows users to engage in automatic conversations instead of communicating with a real person. It can be text messages or text-to-speech. Therefore, people can find out correct Workday tasks, processes and information through a simple chat. For an instance, if user want to check 401(K) pay, they can start a conversation with the chatbot and this Workday Assistant will guide and recommend the best action to perform in Workday. Diagram below shows how Workday Assistant supports in the such a conversation.

They are a plethora of Assistant skills such as Time Off, Time Tracking, Manager, Change Job, Pay, Performance, Benefits, etc.

HR Knowledge and Case Management

Image source: workday

Knowledge Management

Workday Knowledge Management is now available for Manager Self Service and Employee Self Service. It helps to create, organize and manage HR related content that employees are always looking for. We know that whenever, employee has a question about a certain process they ping HR team time to time. Instead of this hassle (although HR team supports their employees anytime) we can automate this process using Workday Knowledge management. Because employees can easily access Workday and go through the HR articles. Now this won’t be just text, we can configure it with specific videos, hyperlinks, images and in an interactive method.

For an example, we can create a knowledge article about, “ How to submit your medical reimbursement?”. In here, it will be a guide to newcomers and existing employees. We can configure an article containing step-by-step process adding step groups such as tasks, to do items or referencing a video training. This way employees will use Workday more often to refer knowledge articles and HR information will be available to employees’ fingertips.

Case Management

Image source: workday

Let’s say the knowledge article isn’t providing sufficient information about what employee is looking for, then they can open a case via Workday. Through the automated case routing and rules engine, HR team will resolve all cases. This will also help to streamline and maintain Knowledge articles and reduce the number of cases. Also, only those involved with the case will have security access to confidential information inside the case. Hence, your case is highly protected.

Workday Journeys

Image source: workday

Workday journeys will support employees throughout their employee life cycle; Recruiting, onboarding, development, promotion, leave of absence, offboarding, retirement, to all milestones in between which is called journey Paths. Journeys are highly configurable as per the organization requirements and custom cards can be created to celebrate employee moments such as their achievements. Workday allows to integrate with external systems so, it will help to provide a centralized experience without referring to data in multiple systems.

When developing the journeys it is important to have a strategy in place, to know the purpose of the journey, what steps needed to include, who will configure and maintain journeys in workday, etc.

Journeys workspace — Provides analytics of the user engagement total number of distributed journeys, journeys marked complete, users with journeys in progress, total number of recipients, Total journey completion rate,

Example: New Hire Onboarding Journey; Here we can configure steps from handling IT assets to the Manager assignment to onboarding KTs.

Also, there are three steps to distribute Journeys to the users as per the organization need and they are,

  1. Can send via Distribute journeys task but send up to 100 only
  2. Mass operation management (MOM) which need to Input Custom report and can distribute up to 50,000 users
  3. Business process service step, as a subprocess in Change Job, Hire, Termination, etc.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article and incorporate a new way of working in your organization as well.

Thank you!

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