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Nimasha Rashani
2 min readDec 5, 2022


When I received the creator features in the first feature rollout cohort, I was excited to add content into this platform. But that was not to build an audience, but I used LinkedIn to build a personal brand, grow connections, and to learn from a variety of content.

I started the monthly newsletter, The HR Tech update https://lnkd.in/drJvhkQV (My first attempt to write frequently) which involved quite a good time of research, self learn and write. Though I didn’t send you the last two months Newsletters, apologies, my life wasn’t the same.

I had to promptly adopt to a new world, I just completed 1 month in this new Chapter of my life.

Last couple of months I witnessed many technological advancements in the world.

⭐️ As soon as we moved into a hotel, there were no humans to welcome us. As someone coming from a tourist destination, I was hoping for a “Ayubowan” (Just kidding) No, I was really excited when the welcome email said, enter the code in the keypad to unlock the main door. Exactly, everything this automated, even the lift works with a unique code and you are on your own.

⭐️ Transportation -You got a mobile app to do the business, your ticket is online, your route is online, buses, trains arrive at the exact time displayed in the app. Moreover, they drive in left side. Took sometime to adjust my head to land the correct bus.

⭐️ Library- I just registered online, went to pick up the membership card, read, select books, checkout online. Kept the books on a tray to scan, within milliseconds, the system identified a pile of books I kept on the tray. Amazing.

⭐️ Cash less- I didn’t see a coin or a note yet. My purse is so tiny with just one visa card. That’s all.

⭐️ Monochrome outfits- My life is just easy. I can wear my Black cloths every time.

I felt homesick last week but I have to do this to achieve my goals, most nearby is “Appachchi, it’s time to retire”



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